I saw this quote in a store somewhere on the front of a postcard. It got me thinking. I think this is a pretty good mantra for starting and building your business.

A CEO needs to make decisions. They need to move the ball forwards every day. They need to solve problems, open up opportunities and keep finding better ways to compete and be successful.

Looking back on my entrepreneurial experience, my biggest regret and biggest learnings are from when I didn’t make a ‘decision to try.’ When I intuitively knew things could be better but did nothing about it. Or delayed decisions. Decided that we were busy enough without trying to do more. It’s not decisions I look back on. It’s indecisions.

If a decision proves to be the wrong one then you can always do something about it. But if you don’t make a decision at all you will be missing out on opportunities and there will be competitors prepared to make decisions and moving faster than you as a result.

Every CEO wants to keep their business moving forwards and improving. But doing that starts with a decision to try. And that’s not always as easy as it sounds.